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As of July 2010, Ning will no longer host free networks.
In order to keep what is here, it would cost $20 a month.
UAMM does not generate any income, thus does not have the funding to pay for hosting.
UAMM will be leaving Ning come this Summer do to the installation of these fees.

Under a Magic Moon is being rebuilt.
I welcome you to join us at our new home- Under A Magic Moon on Webs



Welcome to Under A Magic Moon
We are coming into a Spiritual Age where many are feeling their vibrational energies rising.
Many have come to an understanding that true magic is all around, in nature and in ourselves.

This community was created with the intentions of having a place where people can come together and explore the wonders of the Universe.
Share questions and thoughts.
We are seeking to know more and connect with others who are asking these same questions and pondering the same answers.

This is a place that is open to all people of all paths yet are all connected through the passions and desires to better understand the mysteries of life and human nature.

It is a place where we can bring our thoughts and abilities together and work towards a future that works with the basic understanding that with Love, anything is possible.

The ideals of this community is of Love and Peace, Sharing and Learning.




Happy Friday the 13'th to All 2 Replies

Given the day, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss luck.  What myths, folklore, or urban legends about good or bad luck would you folks care to discuss?

Started by Janine in Launch Pad. Last reply by Janine May 14, 2011.

Today I Pray For~ or 'Share a Prayer' 27 Replies

This is a forum for placing a prayer out into the Universe.Add your prayers- anything from Peace on Earth to Peace in your Heart.People can read your prayers and focus energy in combination with…Continue

Tags: Share, a, Prayer, or, For

Started by Lunar Mystic in Circle of Light. Last reply by Lunar Mystic Feb 22, 2010.

Who are You Q's 23 Replies

Here is a list of fun questions that will help us get to know each other better and find all our connections in the Universe.If you had been able to name yourself at birth, what would be your…Continue

Tags: questions, fun

Started by Lunar Mystic in The Waves. Last reply by Lunar Mystic Jan 25, 2010.

new magic site developement

hello everyone I am i a creation process of a new magic site at magicwaterwaybeta.ning.com I need some help thoughso far I only have one voulenteer so far the site posted is not the actual site it is…Continue

Tags: rituals, spells, new, site, magic

Started by 1darkness in The Waves Oct 26, 2009.

NASA- Moon Probe

Here is a wonderful link about those who are distraught over the current explorations of the Moon.…Continue

Tags: bomb, taxes, ice, water, moon_bombing

Started by Lunar Mystic in Heaven on Earth Oct 9, 2009.

Pantheism with a Twist

This is a little bit of 'statements' about pantheism and my take on how I see it.Pantheism is more of a belief than it is a religion.Religion is a concept that comes from man and his need to…Continue

Started by Lunar Mystic in Heaven on Earth Sep 24, 2009.

Free Tarot Reading Contest UPDATE 7-22 11 Replies

YAHOO HAS BEEN UNRESPONSIVE-I am going to try another means for voting.I created this picture and it is in need of a title/name.I am a bit stumped, which is not normal for me. Usually I find a…Continue

Tags: title, name, painting, contest, tarot

Started by Lunar Mystic in The Waves. Last reply by Constantly Learning Jul 10, 2009.

The Merkaba 2 Replies

A Merkaba is a vehicle of light. There is some confusion in regards to the origin of the Merkaba. Some say it comes from Jewish Mysticism and others will say it is from Egypt.Both schools of thought…Continue

Started by Lunar Mystic in Universal Mysteries. Last reply by Lunar Mystic Jun 30, 2009.

Crop Circle June 21 2009 at White Horse Hill

The latest of the crops circles has appeared and came in two stages.Information and view more images…Continue

Tags: messages, geometry, symbol, circle, crop

Started by Lunar Mystic in Universal Mysteries Jun 28, 2009.


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