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I am going to try another means for voting.

I created this picture and it is in need of a title/name.
I am a bit stumped, which is not normal for me. Usually I find a piece's name before it is completed.
So, suggest what ever names you can think of, as many as you like.
This discussion will be open until 7-11.
At that time all the names collected will be put to a public vote amongst the masses of Yahoo Answers.

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Gonna hafta think about this...
Below the swirl of the cosmos,
I am.
Rebirth of a soul
I welcome that which welcomes me.
my friends think it is the universal connection. FireHorse.
in my case, i think it stands for universal peace. FireHorse.
What about "SYNCHRONIZING HARMONY" ...just a thought...are u supposed to answer on here or on yahoo answers?
then when the discussion is closed on 7-11, I will post it on Yahoo Answers with everyone's titles and see what the masses say.
Unless some one has a better idea on how to get a lot of votes.
(not thrilled about YA- but don't know where else to ask peoples opinions)
Beyond the Blonde
Goddess of balanced energy
"Points of Interest" ; "Vertical Allignment" ; "Energy in Balance" ; "Serenity's Balance" ; "Quieting the Chaos" ; "Energy Mesh" ; "Nature's Necessity"

Just a few I pondered...


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