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LA Times Reports: NASA- Moon Mission 2009

public comments via CNET site

My heart just sank lower that it ever has when I got wind of the news that NASA is sending a robotic mission to the Moon for exploration and testing to hopeful find a landing spot for astronauts and a potential colony upon the Moon.
That is not so bad, what is bad is that they are going to blast a hole into the southern pole of the Moon and see what comes out of it.
Now this bring us many issues: past, present, and future.
Why scout out a landing spot, have we not landed there before?.....or have we? There has been heavy debate that the Lunar landing in the 60’s is a hoax.
Japan has made statements….’there is no US flag to be seen on the Moon’….makes one wonder.
How big of a blast is this going to be and what will it do to the orbit and axis alignment of the Moon? And if it does do something, how will that effect us here on earth.
Why colonize the Moon? What is there? Who gets to go and why?
WHY!?....I am so disappointed with this news.
I hope what ever comes from that blast hits the probe and knocks it way out into outer-space never to be seen again.

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Wow...I had NOOOO idea any of that was going on - I gotta keep up I guess...it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie doesn't it? Whoa... and how will that effect things astrologically speaking I wonder...
Not sure what will occure astrologically. I figure that if this explosion changes the direction and speed of the moon, we will have a bigger problem than trying to reasses the astrological aspects.
If the Moon's balance is altered, we could have issues with tides which trickles down to the life that is dependant upon the tides and that just works it's way through the food chain and what not.
It is a very scary thought to me that they are messing with the Moon in this way.
I don't understand why they cannot do a core sample like they do in so many other situations.
I guess blasting a hole is just easier- not smarter, but easier.
I could let a long string of profanities roll right now.


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