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This is a little bit of 'statements' about pantheism and my take on how I see it.

Pantheism is more of a belief than it is a religion.
Religion is a concept that comes from man and his need to understand
the greater world around him,.
There are some religions having Pantheistic points:
Kabalistic Judaism, Hindus, Sufis, Unitarians, Advaita Vedanta Sanatana Dharma, and Monism, there is even a Biblical Pantheist, where it is understood that the Bible is metaphorical and the way of expression in the Hebrew language. This is known as Classical Pantheism; believing that there is a spiritual foundation behind reality.

Then there is Natural Pantheism. People who self-identify as "pantheist" alone and are not members of a religion are Natural Pantheists. Their view is from a more naturalistic perspective. These people cannot find the ‘ism’ that their religious experiences can connect to properly; for these religious experiences come from nature.

Pantheism is where science and ‘religion’ come together.
Isn’t it amazing the geometric perfection seen in the cross-section of a Nautilus shell?
Nature, the Cosmos is responsible for the Moon & Sun to be, as viewed from Earth, the same size. How can some collision just coincidentally end up like that?

Pantheism is the belief and faith in what is the greater world. Pantheism is Unity & connectedness.
Pantheism is the belief that the Cosmos and everything within it unified
and is in essence ‘God’. It is one’s personal relationship with the Universe.
The cosmos is science and nature, pantheist look at nature and see God.
Man-Nature-God are all one; God is abstract.

Being that everything is connected and one, the ability to converse with the dead, remote view, hands on healing, and all other things metaphysical as well as quantum physics are all practical, logical and acceptable beliefs in Pantheism.

There are no Deities in Pantheism.
Panentheists and Pandeists are those that see God within everything as well as a single overseeing being or multiple beings.
There are no great 'prophets', yet there is room for prophecy, psychics, and paranormal.

However, I personally will use the names of gods or other personification to address a specific energy within the Universe.

There is nothing strict in the way of rituals or manner of doing things other than what you do is in balance with nature.
It is unfortunate that to survive in this world we do things that go against the balance of nature.

A long used term, Anima Mundi means World Soul. I have used this term for years, for is was wonderful and fitting for how I see things, and then I discovered Pantheism I can see how World Soul also fits into Pantheism.

As God is Holy, Unity is Divine.

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