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A Merkaba is a vehicle of light. There is some confusion in regards to the origin of the Merkaba. Some say it comes from Jewish Mysticism and others will say it is from Egypt.
Both schools of thought are likely not far from the truth for the mysticism of the Kabbalah has it’s roots in the region of Egypt.
Egyptian Hieroglyphics

My personal perspective is that these two traditions are pretty much one in the same and branched out from there, lending to many similarities and parallels in the two studies.
On the Hebrew side of things, Merkaba means chariot and is seen in the Bible, Ezekiel 1:4-26

Merkaba is actually three smaller words combined.
Mer; meaning Light, a certain kind of light. This light consists of two counter-rotating fields spinning in the same space.
Ka; meaning Spirit, the spirit of an individual
Ba; meaning Body, the human body and the physical dimensions of human reality as we are accustomed to seeing it.
Merkaba Energy-light field

The Merkaba is used to connect and ascend into the higher and lower realms of Spirit and the Universe, it is an inter dimensional vehicle.
The Merkaba also has it’s place in Sacred Geometry and Alchemy. The Merkaba takes two pyramid shapes and puts them ‘into’ each other in opposition. This creates a Star Tetrahedron.
It is no wonder that when one looks at the 2 dimensional image of a Merkaba it is the Star of David, which is most recognized as a Jewish symbol.
In Alchemy and magical studies, this star shape is seen again, representing the All.

The Merkaba is found in Sacred Geometry within the Flower of Life is a The Flower of Life is where the structure of life all is found.
Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man fits into the Flower of Life.
Many crop circles can be superimposed into this Flower of Life.
Ancient cultures would build using the principles of the Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry.

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It seems you and i are looking at similar things... I've just come across the Merkaba again, through the Kabbalah. I actually did a course many years ago called "The Melchizedek Method" which was run by a guy I thought was a nut-job, but it was based on a better course run by Drunvelo Melchizedek, about the Flower of Life.

I have the corse book here somewhere i think... or did I throw it out? I hope not - I could have given you the Merkaba meditations to try. Copy this entire post to OC if you like, we have a new member i'm fairly certain will have something interesting to add, and I'll see what i can dig up, too.
That would be cool...
Not that I have any particulars about the politics in the world of metaphysical, but I did come across a audio recordning from a fairly older fellow who has been in study for a long time and he did not have much good to say about Drunvelo Melchizedek.
His beef was that this guy is teaching something that he does not practice himself.
"Good Point" I thought....but that does not stop us from learning about it and putting it to use ourselves no matter who the teacher.
But, then again, if I had the option, I would take the 'master that practices' over the 'reguritator of information'....and I would wager that the master would take on a student for free than open to all holding the almight dollar.
(got to love the internet!)


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