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This is a forum for placing a prayer out into the Universe.
Add your prayers- anything from Peace on Earth to Peace in your Heart.
People can read your prayers and focus energy in combination with yours, and you can do the same for their prayers.
There is so much going on in the world and in our lives, it helps to give that prayer a moment of your time and it helps to have others connect with that energy and add their own.


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Upon reading the news about the Bears in China~ I want to put some love and healing out to those bears as well as some good energy and strength the people who are fighting to rescue them.
To the Bears, to the People, I make my prayer to the Universe.
I pray the the world ecomony improves enough that the jobless and underemployed find jobs that meet thier needs. I pray those who are loosing their home can by this improvement keep those homes or get new ones. I pray that jobs that used to be in the USA come back here. I pray that hose who go hungry due to money problems can get what hey need for safety, comfort, and home too.
I second that prayer!!! Jobs need to come back home. Add to this prayer, I pray that those that make the decisions can feel the need and importance and will do the right thing.

I also pray for those people in Australia who have been burned out of their homes and for the 100+ people who have lost their lives in that fire.
I send them all light and love and present them with the strength that is needed to bring their lives back to stability.
Love, Strength, Healing and Help to all, that is my prayer for today.
My Prayer for today is for all those that have loved and lost. Be the loss through death, a loss through having enough strength to walk out of a bad situation, be it loss through being the one walked out on.
My prayer is for those are lost without love, may they find love even in the shadows so that they may see brighter days.
~peace and love for all, that is my prayer today~
I pray for all the animals of the world who are loosing their homes to human encroachment.
I pray for all the animals of the world who were free but caught by humans to be sold or are kept in cruel conditions.
I pray that more humans understand that we are all connected together and to all things.
I pray for Mother Earth.
These are my prayers for today. Peace and positive loving energy to All.
(hope multiple prayers are ok)
(hope multiple prayers are ok)
Indeed and put in prose so elegantly.
The more the better
Today I pray for Lunar Mystics husband for a fast and full recovery.
And Peace to All.
Thank You Katina!
He's doing well the critical 24 hours is behind us and he talked to his mom
Today I pray for.......
Lunar Mystics husband for a full recovery, for all animals, for Mother Earth, for those that go hungry, for those that do not experience love every day, and for a rise in consciousness in all humans.
My prayer for today is for all the children of the world.
May they know love even in times of burden and duress.
May they feel the love and the love give them the strength to endure.
All my family
all my friends
those with familiar faces
those with just a name
I pray for all who I have come to know
Today I pray for the indigenous (spelling?) people of the world who are loosing their way of life, culture, and land. I also pray for those, like the American Indians, who have already lost much because of the white man and are suffering.


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