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Alligator: Power of Discovery
Ant: The Power of Patience
Antelope: The Power of Action
Armadillo: The Power of Boundaries
Badger: The Power of Aggression
Bat: The Power of Rebirth
Bear: The Power of Introspection
Beaver: The Power of Industry
Blackbird: Power of Trance
Bluebird: Power of Prayer
Buffalo: Power Abundance
Bumble Bee: Power of Service
Butterfly: The Power of Transformation
Camel: Power of Resources
Cat: Power of Protection
Chicken: Power of Feeling
Cow: Power of Fertility
Crane: Power of Good Fortune and Longevity
Cricket: Power of Music
Coyote: The Great Trickster
Crow: Keeper of Sacred Law
Deer: The Gentleness of Spirit
Dog: The Power of Loyalty
Dolphin: Sacred Breath of Life
Dragonfly: The Art of Illusion
Eagle: The Power of the Great Spirit
Elk: Brotherhood and Sisterhood
Fox: The Power of the Unseen
Frog: The Power of Water
Grouse: The Sacred Spiral
Hawk: Messenger of the Gods
Horse: The Gift of Power
Hummingbird: The Power of Joy
Lizard: The Power of Dreams
Lynx: The Keeper of Secrets
Moose: The Power of the Elders
Mountain Lion: The Power of Leadership
Mouse: The Power of Scrutiny
Opossum: The Power of Diversion
Otter: The Power of Women
Owl: The Power of Illumination
Porcupine: The Power of Innocence
Rabbit: The Fear Caller
Raven: The Power of Magic
Skunk: The Power of Reputation
Snake: The Power of Transmutation
Spider: Weaver of Fate
Squirrel: The Gatherer
Swan: The Power of Grace
Turkey: The Give-Away
Turtle: The Great Mother
Weasel: The Power of Stealth
Whale: The Record Keeper
Wolf: The Power of the Teacher

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Started by Lunar Mystic Oct 4, 2009.


Started by Lunar Mystic Oct 4, 2009.


Started by Lunar Mystic Oct 4, 2009.

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Comment by Brenda Mihalopoulos on October 3, 2009 at 8:25am
Animal magic is very strong...and you can use it to help yourself through some tough times.
Comment by Lunar Mystic on March 16, 2009 at 7:25pm
Hi Rose~
Familiars are known in folklore to be animals that servers a human and has the magical power to shape-shift into other animals.
With every myth there is some truth.

This shape-shifting could very well be a past pet reincarnated.

As goes serving humans, anyone who has always had pets knows that there are special ones.
Like the anti-social cat that I had that always knew when I was emotionally drained and would sit in my lap.
Then there is the story that got the service dog people going in a whole new direction.
A woman had a dog that knew before hand, that she was going to have a seizure.
Then there are the pets that get lost half way across the country and find their owners, even if they have moved to a new house.

Here is a cool story about a modern-day animal familiar

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