Under A Magic Moon

We are all Travelers in this Universe

Your Shadow Side Shows itself…
...is it a secret that NO ONE knows?
...is it something you did that was just awful and painful to others?
…is it morbid or violent thoughts that remain just in your mind?
Who is your Shadow and what sort of things does your Shadow do?

I am not asking for anyone to ‘out’ themselves here unless they feel like coming out of the shadows.
This is food for thought and hopefully a little bit of discussion about the dark side in us all.

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my dark side......bitter.
jaded about life, knows hehas power and fuels it with hate and pain and. i rage burns behinds his coldeyes. he uses what he has for himself and gives a damn about others.

i've said many times my inner demon is myself and the mistakes i might make.
I am the Owl and when I move I am silent, I can be on the attack and you will never see me coming and you might not even know what hit you.
I like to stew my issues rather than say something right away. Then if someone says just the right thing (or wrong thing as the case may be) I bite thier head off.
I can be a very nasty Owl.
I have many secrets and they are true secrets for only I know them. I have lied about these things so that they stay secret only known to me.
The only pain I cause to others is explained above and I do not inflict any pain unless there is something external that fuels it. I don't just go around being mean because I can.
I am not that dark.
I have come up with some pretty morbid and insane ways of torturing someone, but that is what happend when you have been physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally abused.
Lucky guy I never carried those tortures out.
I probably could have taken him out and gotten away with it.
There are a lot of wild pigs in these woods and I know how to operate a backhoe.

wow....I have never put all that darkness into one box before.
Feels good in a strange way.
one cannot know there full self until they know what they might have became
It is good to be in-touch with your dark-side.
Knowledge is key when it comes to a persons ability. Be it the ability to realize, to control, to balance...
When we know what we are capable of, then we know how we can make that work for or against us.
When you are given raw energy, what do you do with it? You first must learn it's inner workings, what it can do, it's general nature. While learning, there will be mishaps.

My dark-side is quite hidden. It is not in my nature to really go to any extreme unless of course that the extreme has been put upon me and things have surpassed my already high tolerance level.
I tend to be very understanding and mellow. But....if there is a wrong taking place, look out becuase here come a big, bad and mad momma-bear.
I once ran barefoot up a gravel driveway chasing down a kid in his truck because he was speeding in reverse and not looking- there are many kids in the area and he could have easily run one of them over.
I have also gotten in my cousin's husbands face when he took apart the front stairs to fix them, but he was too drunk to finish so left a three foot drop for his little kids and pregnant wife to go up and down for over a week.
I speak the truth, but it is said in such a dark way.
LOL- I like to leave a lasting impression.
Please ignore this post
Its a vent nothing more than a place to release the negativity.
I wonder why we chose the path of darkness.
As enlightened beings having control over our environment one would think we would choose more wisely.
yet I find myself repeating the same patterns over and over.
This is a very dark night for me
why bother
Must make a change
Please, let me butt in.
For starters, venting is good. Get it out.
I believe that all of us must possess a certain amount of darkness in our ways and being. Without it we would be weak and submissive.
It is how we utilize the dark that we have within is what matters.
We are fallible, so even the enlightened will stray. Perhaps, the stray is some manner of experience in order to gain wisdom that will prove itself useful later on down the road.
Patterns- ah...yes, I know those all to well. I have always asked why and have explored all sorts of reasons. Each being valid in some manner, yet all together, its a refinement.
So you did not learn the first time, that is ok, because when it happens again, we take notice and say Hmm.
We are now aware.
It happens again and we then ask Why.
We are now thinking.
It happens again and now we are some what irritated as well as frustrated.
We are now reflecting.
With reflection comes refinement. We get to know ourselves better because we have reached a point when we are picking the pattern apart and discovering our like and dislikes, what we stand for and what we can tolerate.
We learn our boundaries as well as our volcano level.

Why bother? sometimes it is good to just walk away from it all for a while.
It gives us time to go within.
It is now many months later.
I return to this place
I find waiting for me words from the wise. They will be reread and help me through yet another dark night
It is not right or fair nobody ever said life would be.
Thank you Lunar. The words you wrote so long ago were there for me this night.
I see more clearly now. I must go within,set my boundaries and find my inner strength.
True it repeats because the lesson is yet to be learned.
Someone I love dearly says I must choose between 2 things that both mean the world. I have put so much into each. My time must be devoted to only 1?
These people are right I can not do both and be good at either. The choice of what to give up is heart wrenching.

it happens again, we take notice and say Hmm.
Yep again Hmmm
I will miss this place.


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