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Dreams are an important aspect to our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is where the mind does it's behind the scenes work to keep us informed of the things we need to know.
Dreams bring forward the things in life that we need to give attention to.

We all have our own set of dream symbols and themes that the subconscious uses in dreams. Many doors can be opened by paying attention to our dreams.

This is a room for reflection upon your dream language
Share your dreams and ask others their perspective of the dreams possible meaning.

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Common Dream Themes

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Comment by Lunar Mystic on March 25, 2009 at 4:45pm
Your situation is exceptional in my personal experience.
I am grateful that you have shared it.
As I mentioned before, I am not sure what to make of it fully, but it has some rather strong aspects in the basics of mediumship and spirit energies and visitors from other 'realities'.
...save on gas and phone bill....work it!!!
Comment by Skin Body Works on March 20, 2009 at 5:39pm
My grandmother has passed away, but I every now and again can feel her with me, usually followed by the scent of roses (her favorite flower and she used to wear rose scented lotions all the time, not to mention her name is Rosa). her and I were VERY close, at some point she used to live with my parents and me and that is when she taught me about herbs.... I can still remember the days in the garden with her and her big hat to keep the sun off of her face, Oh how I miss her so much! She does visit me in my dreams we talk about all that is going on, I show her my children in my dreams, and I know she is with me on a daily basis. there are times I can look up to the clouds and literally see her face in them looking down on me.

Now about this dream I had it about 8 years ago, and the really odd thing about it was It was vivid, like I said it was like I was literally there, and this guy when I seen him months after I actually had the dream was asking me questions about the conversation we had had in my dream. I remember it to this day...... astral projection is the only way I can describe it, I have not really talked to anyone else about this before other than my husband who knows I have a sense about me... LOL..... But this friend of his yes I did literally talk to him, and I was among a lot of people It wasn't like a 'dream' at all it was literally like I was there. Your right it was intense and to be honest I have these things all the time, sometimes it is more like the whole deja vue sort of feeling/thing, but there are times when I'll lay down in the middle of the day because I am SO tired I can't stand it, and for no reason, I'll have one of these kinds of dreams where it is so vivid and I actually do something, or talk to someone in them and when I wake up I get a phone call from the person I was just dreaming about, asking me if we could leave off from where we just where.... There are times when I am like HUH? but then I instantly remember the conversation I was having and I know for a fact that I had not left my home, some of these people live over an hour away, so I know I'm not 'sleepwalking'.
Sometimes this whole thing catches me off guard and I don't remember things as well as I'd like too, but that is usually when I am under a LOT of stress, other than that I remember them perfectly.
I don't know sometimes what to think of all of it, sometimes its a bother because I wake and I am not completely rested, like I had been up all night, and it interferes with my regular day, so there are times when I feel they are a hindrance rather than a joy, but I know deep down that they are a gift and I treat them as such.

I hope this makes sense. Because sometimes it doesn't to me, LOL! I really like your input on this, I would love to hear more of what you think.

Oh the odd thing is, I usually have this happen to people I 'know' like people I have met literally met before, I don't know if this is a key or not, I just thought I'd let you know about that. Is it me do you think who is finding a connection to these people or is this just a wonderful way to save on gas money and phone bill? LOL!?!?
Comment by Lunar Mystic on March 18, 2009 at 6:54pm
WOW- you have something intense going on there.
I am not sure what to make of it.
It sounds much like astral projection -
- but on a way different level.
The souls of these people and your soul know each other from another place or another time.
The reason why you see them as they are in this reality is so you will recognize them.
Serious psychic connection.
I take it from your wording that your grandmother is no longer alive? So it is too bad that you cannot talk to her in this reality, but I so would give it a go in making a connection with her on the Astral Plane.
As I was reading your description of where you where--
I have also been to a festival in a dream, I was thinking- 'hey, maybe we where there together! (when was this dream? My festival dream was about 18 months ago or so).
Beautiful place, but my dream was a bit more stressed in theme.
Have you talked with your hubbies friend again about the 'dream'? I think it is interesting that he asked you about HOW you got back.
I'm not too surprised with this even though I am amazed. With the rise in our spiritual vibration and awareness, this is becoming more prominent, even in people who do not 'study' such ideas and concepts.
We are evolving spiritually, all of humanity.
Comment by Skin Body Works on March 18, 2009 at 6:45am
I had a dream once that was not like any other dream I have ever had......
For one, it felt REAL, and I mean REAL! It happened years ago, and all I can say is I literally Astral projected myself in a dream state to this other place.........

This dream happened years ago, like I said, my husband and myself had just gotten together and I was in the process of meeting his fellow work-mates. One in particular actually, he was married had a family of his own.... Anyhow, I had a very vivid dream, one where I could literally smell, taste, touch, feel, and interact with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. I dreamt that I was at this huge 'carnival' have you, that was in a small town, it was like a festival of some sorts, and it was in the middle of no where, fields as far as the eye could see. It was a small town, where? I am not sure, but I was walking around this festival of sorts and talking to various people, having fun, riding rides, tasting wonderful festival foods, so forth..... When out of the blue someone started calling my name, I turned to look and there was my husbands friend and his family, we sat down and started to talk, he was asking me how I had gotten there, and jokingly if I knew he was going to be there, I politely told him no, and continued to talk to him..........
The day was so sunny, warm and wonderful, the people where so kind, and it was such a completely comfortable place to be, small town feel is the feeling I got off of it.
Anyhow, about a month later, we ran into this friend of my husband, and he started talking like I had been there with him, asking me which way I got back and asking my husband where he was and why didn't he come to this festival since I was there.... He even started talking to me about our conversation that we had in my dream.........

Now this freaked me out back then, freaked my husband out too. I had NEVER done anything like this before, at least to my knowledge, although I had had other dreams that were so like this, where I could literally interact in it, feel, touch, taste, the whole nine yards...... but never with someone I knew, however I have since then had it happen when all of a sudden I am in a store and run into someone, that I have NEVER met before in my life and have no idea who they are, but when we make eye contact we start talking where we left off in my dream... Usually it has to do with a problem they were talking to me about or some help I had given them in a dream. My mom thinks I am weird, and well my dad says my grandmother used to have the same thing happen to her.......

Is this true astral projection I am dealing with or just very vivid dreams like those deja veu sort of thing?

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