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Welcome to the Reading Room

You will not be Shushed in this reading room so go ahead and make all the noise you like.
Make a book suggestion, post a book yourself, start up a book group and focus on a title. It’s open for all and for all to explore and share and lead….what ever inspires you.

Nothing is out of bounds or off limits, though do consider content and how appropriate it is for minors.
Censorship is not a wanted thing here, but will be exercised if necessary.
While I am not one to 'hide' things from my own children, other parents are a bit more selective on what their children are exposed to.
While UAMM is still just a baby, we do not have to worry about minors yet, but that time will come, so keep that in mind.

is where most of the books and articles are coming from.
Become a member and you can download and print the material, and there are all kinds. You can also upload material.

Discussion Forum

Conversations With God 5 Replies

Started by Lunar Mystic. Last reply by monica harris Mar 28, 2009.

Secret Teachings of All Ages

Started by Lunar Mystic Mar 3, 2009.

Atlantis and Lemuria 2 Replies

Started by Little Owl. Last reply by Little Owl Mar 2, 2009.

Aztec & Mayan Mythology

Started by Lunar Mystic Feb 18, 2009.

Alchemy - The Science of Enlightenment

Started by Lunar Mystic Feb 16, 2009.

The Secret Doctrine

Started by Lunar Mystic Jan 22, 2009.

From Chocolate To Morphine

Started by Lunar Mystic Jan 12, 2009.

Gardens of the Gods: Myth, Magic and Meaning

Started by Lunar Mystic Jan 12, 2009.

Joseph Cambell - Myths To Live By

Started by Lunar Mystic Jan 12, 2009.

The Metaphysicians' Desk Reference

Started by Lunar Mystic Jan 12, 2009.

Universal Love Essay

Started by Lunar Mystic Jan 11, 2009.

Symbol Dictionary

Started by Lunar Mystic Jan 11, 2009.

Simulations Of God

Started by Lunar Mystic Jan 11, 2009.

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Comment by Lunar Mystic on June 21, 2010 at 11:36am
Hi Susan, we will not be staying in ning.
You can find the new 'Under a Magic Moon' on my website-
it is under construction and is on hold since I am getting ready for a move to another town- once I am settled in I will begin adding and engaging in the new home
Comment by Susan Vekula on June 20, 2010 at 5:39pm
Awesome books, Thank you, what a empowering ning site. 20 dollers a month, We are in different countrys but the same planet. Shall I eat less to pay your 20.00? I am sure the universe has other idea,s. Sooooooooo......I will check out where you are moving too. Thanxs...Namaste....

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