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Let me start with a little history.
I was checking out a rental house, and three steps into the house I stopped because I felt something. I said out loud, "A ghost lives here" and then continued my self tour.
I eventually moved into this house.
Through the weeks & months we discovered that it hangs out in the bathroom.

At the time I was part of a tarot study group and we would play a game called guess the card. We would do a reading, explain the reading, show all the cards except the last one. It is up to everyone to figure out what the last card is.

I used 3 cards, but the reading seemed unfinished & I could not decide what card to make the mystery because the cards flowed into each other so well.
I needed one more, the mystery one & I had the ghost pick it.
Here where the cards~

6 swords reversed-
'crossing over' the waters, this could be a drowning? I live close to the river- I feel that this is a young boy who wanted to go to the river & did not wait for an adult & the 'journey' into the spiritual form of a ghost. There is also the upset of the card, the worry over things not said or done. These things need to be communicated before healing can begin.

challenge (*present)(**the well)
9 cups
this card repeats the first card with the water influence. The challenge is to find that place of calm, of peace & healing. To get away from the worry & have times of enjoyment.

advantage (*future)(**liberation)
10 cups
the card of home & happiness. I take this to be the environment I have brought to this place (house). Here is a secure home, we (the kids all acknowledge the ghost without fear) The card indicates a goal achieved successfully & the emotional fulfillment(for the ghost)

Some bonus aspects:
* I found that the PPF spread falls into place as well.
** I found the I Ching correspondences interesting & informative. The three words alone says a whole lot.

Water! the river in the 6sw & the cups....I'm not surprised, he does like the bathroom, especially the tub. He has filled our shampoo bottles with water or just empties them completely.
Then~ ??the MYSTERY card??.....I took the deck to the bathroom & set it on the counter & told the ghost to choose a card. I gave him about 5-10 minutes, retrieved the deck & cut it.

Q: what do we need to do for you?....?????card the ghost feels a sense of worthlessness. Maybe because he has difficulty communicating to others who where in the house before. This child was taken away from the family life he enjoyed & wanted to 'finish', That life was abruptly cut off & that is worrisome for the ghost. I believe that making the ghost a welcomed member of the family may give the ghost just the thing he desires, something that no-one else did, which left the ghost feeling doubtful of ever having a childhood. The acceptance we offer could lead to the ghosts liberation.

Now came the guessing. Typically people would just offer their guess, but one in the group really wanted to play with this one and so she did her own reading.

She intuitively pulled the following cards while meditating on the question.
Q: what do we need to do for you?

She pulled and said-
5 of cups- the ghost has lost much and feels alone. He wants to feel cared about again.
8 of swords- the ghost is bound and unable to communicate, however, he could free himself if he were to choose to do so and the offer made.
9 of swords- the ghost is filled with grief and remorse about things lost and unable to recover. He feels very alone with no one to tell his despair to. He thinks all the time about his losses. They tie him to the house.
4 of cups- the ghost is miserable alone but has been given an offer to be cared about and become a part of a family again which he is deciding whether or not to accept.

So her guess for the mystery card was the 4 of Cups.
I found that both readings very much where reflective of each other.
It is these sort of happenings that I wished that a skeptic had been in the room.
Not only was the reading expressing the same message, the cards themselves had some interesting dynamics.

my cards====her cards
......9-cp==== 8-sw
....10-cp==== 9-sw
.....4-cp==== 4-cp

the suits are reversed in the 2 readings - except for the mystery card
and the numbers in order; minus one - except for the mystery card

This was one of those wonderful experiences that goes on the top part of the list of tarot experiences.

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